These are some of the services we offer

Public and private documents

- All documents to be presented before a public body or documents with legal value that need a translation made by a Certified Sworn Translator.
- Legalizations and seals at Colegio de Traductores Públicos (Sworn Translator Association).

Literary Texts

- Those texts, whose artistic and creative contents are their main quality, will be treated with the necessary care to keep and transmit their essence.
- We will localize your message.

Scientific-Technical texts

- All those texts that need not only language knowledge but also a special one.
- Technical manuals, instructions, texts of science popularization, articles, business presentations, and others

Post Edition of automatic translation

- Corrections and required edition will be performed to guarantee the quality of the translation of those texts previously translated by automatic means.

and creative translation

- Localization of texts that carry the necessity of being understood by a local culture
- Adaptation of publicities, slogans and products to new markets

Services of interpretation and language counselling

- We perform as occasional interpreters.
- We also offer counselling and training to those clients that want to improve their performance in the other language.

if you have any question, please contact us